Liberatore DeBoer

Debt Restructure

Most individual and business owners that seek our legal advice desire to avoid a bankruptcy filing.  We make every effort to assist them in restructuring their financial obligations without resorting to bankruptcy.  We continuously achieve success in this area.  For every bankruptcy case filed, there are many, many more cases where the secured and unsecured claims are restructured in a fashion that maximizes the recovery to the creditors but allows the person or company to continuing operating.

Our firm has excellent relationships with the insolvency practitioners in the Hampton Roads and Regional markets .   As experienced insolvency attorneys, we have learned the rhythm of the restructuring process.  We are generally able to tell our client what to expect in the process and be pragmatic about what the client will be able to achieve.   We strive to maintain integrity and credibility with all participants in the debt restructuring process, which we find works to everyone’s advantage.

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