Liberatore DeBoer

Financial Work Out

With decades of experience helping borrowers and lenders solve financial problems, the lawyers with Liberatore DeBoer recognize that public bankruptcy proceedings and scorched earth litigation are rarely the most cost-effective methods for achieving certainty and resolving issues between borrowers and lenders during an uncertain economy.

Financially troubled businesses and individuals discover that, with our assistance, they can take the lead in developing a structured debt resolution plan that is acceptable to creditors.  With our firm’s reputation as problem solvers, we initiate effective negotiations between borrowers and creditors and develop a realistic strategy to restructure existing debt.  This process provides our clients with the opportunity to adjust operations, seek new investors, improve financial performance, and preserve value, without the expense and distraction associated with public court proceedings.

For clients that recognize that cash flow will no longer support their business operations in long-term, we help develop an effective strategy for the orderly sale of assets, possible dissolution of the business and settlement with lenders and collection agencies.

Our experience extends across industry lines and includes real estate, franchises, construction, hospitality, food service, healthcare, churches and other non-profit organizations, manufacturing, retail, wholesale and distribution, telecommunications, agriculture and many other industries.  Our clients include a variety of constituencies, including businesses and their managers and owners, individual investors and guarantors, trade creditors, and private equity lenders.

During the course of our representation, we work with our clients’ existing professionals, such as their tax advisors, business and transactional lawyers, and financial and operational consultants, to ensure that the solutions our clients develop address their financial needs.  Once their immediate financial issues have been resolved, most of our clients return to work with their long standing professional advisors.  We also help our clients identify appropriate advisors to help them implement a strategic plan to track, review, modify and improve their financial performance as necessary to restore solvency.

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